Mission Statement

Bolton Construction, LLC accepts work varying in size and complexity; from large scale multiple phase commercial projects to smaller scale projects such as residential structures. Our combined forty plus years of experience in construction management, estimating, supervision, budgeting, scheduling and coordinating is scarcely paralleled within our industry. No matter where the work occurs, our project supervisors stay in close contact with the construction management team to ensure an efficiently structured progression of from start to finish. We believe in focusing on the solution rather than the problem and we have built our network of loyal clientele through consistent communication, cleanliness, and organization, which are integral aspects of the construction process. We acknowledge that during the course of any construction project complications arise often and in numerous forms, and the need for a quick and efficient answer is what we strive for. Throughout the course of any given assignment we acknowledge the importance of focusing on even the smallest of details, it is those details that if attended to, can make all the difference. We bring our attentive work ethic to each project, working on a personal level with our clients to meet all of their needs with respect, honesty, diligence, clarity and professional insight that can be trusted. We understand that when it comes to construction, it’s the details that count.